Thursday, April 3, 2008

A change is in order

There is a plethora of sites/blogs/books/magazines/& newsletters that can give you any and all of the info I was hoping to present on this blog. So I have decided to change my direction. I have been undergoing a series of changes in my life. Mostly to try and simplify it. But also to live in a more sustainable way.

I have also, recently, confirmed that I have a food intolerance to wheat. Anything that has wheat in it does not agree with me. So I have cut out all of my favorite foods! )-; But I have also been finding wheat free subsitutes for them. As I discover foods and recipes that work for me I plan on sharing them here.

So basically this blog will be a diary on my journey into a simpler/more sustainable/wheat free life. If any of this helps you, great! If you have ideas you want to share, please do. If you find inaccuracies in the info I am presenting please bring it to my attention.

Until next time.

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